High-Power RF

Compact Deployable Wideband System

Part Number: RFXC-400

The RFXC-400 is an extremely compact and lightweight wideband source, originally developed for counter-UAS/UAV/drone applications in a footprint that could also be UAV/UAS-deployable.

The RFXC-400 can run continuously at a repetition rate of 10 Hz for up to 10 minutes and is powered internally by rechargeable batteries. The integrated reflector on the unit produces a wide beam pattern (~75 degrees) for counter-swarm applications, but also protects the host vehicle from the high electric field.


  • RFXC-400 Highlights
  • E-field: > 150kV/m @ 1 m
  • Center frequency: 400 MH
  • PRF: 10 Hz
  • Integrated rechargeable battery
  • Remote triggering via fiber
  • Operation: ≥ 10 Hz, > 10 minutes
  • Weight: 16 lbs.


The following items are included with the RFXC-400:

  • RFXC-400
  • 28V COTS battery
  • Battery charger
  • Nitrogen-fill whip
  • Optional corner reflector
  • Fiber-optic remote control

The following items are required for proper implementation of the RFXC-400:

  • Pressurized dry nitrogen
Parameter Description Value Unit
Ve Erected voltage 300 kV
Ce Erected capacitance 94 pF
Vch Operating voltage 30 kV
Pres. Operating pressure 70-80 psi
TRR Repetition rate 10 Hz
L Length 10.25 in
W Width 9 in
H Height 19.52 in
Wt Weight 16 lbs
Emax Maximum electric field > 150 kV/m
Emin Minimum electric field 35 kV/m
Fc Center frequency 400 MHz
FBW Bandwidth 200 MHz
BW3dB 3 dB beam width 76 Degrees


The RFXC-400 should not be operated near computer-controlled machinery or unshielded electronic equipment unless the intention is to cause potentially irreversible damage. Safe operating principles should be followed when any user is in proximity of the system, and the high-voltage switch is on. This product is export-controlled and subject to ITAR or EAR regulations. A valid end-user statement is required for both foreign and domestic sales of this system.


APELC’s selection of add-on features for high-voltage components are designed to increase safety and usability.


Rugged high-voltage quick disconnect cable connectors for voltages up to 700kV.


Integrated high-speed current diagnostics in high-voltage quick disconnects.


Software to increase user safety and reduce time spent in testing.


Termination and monitoring capability for a high-voltage, high-power pulse without radiating equipment.


Providing the trigger pulse to a Marx generator through a pulse forming circuit.


Fully integrated power and control units to deliver a turn-key package for our pulsed power systems.


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