High-Power RF Disrupter Technology

Customized Disruption and Testing Solutions

APELC supports commercial and defense testing and evaluation (T&E) industries with reliable, durable solutions to test and disrupt electronic systems operation using pulsed intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI). Our applications deliver extremely high peak electric fields in relatively small footprints with high-power sources and EMP simulators for both wideband and HEMP.

APELC solutions are available as small as a suitcase to as large as a tractor trailer to meet your specific mission requirements. Our high-power RF systems are portable, rugged, battery-powered, easy-to-operate, and provide long run times.

High-Power RF Products

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RF Suitcase

Portable high-power source transmits a wideband RF pulse with an electric-field amplitude over 100 kV/m @ 1 m to study electronic attack effects and equipment vulnerabilities. Click here to learn more.


RF Footlocker

High-power, rugged mobile platform for studying electronic attack effects and equipment vulnerabilities and survivability in intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI) scenarios. Click here to learn more.



Our Compact Foldable Electronic Disrupter (CFED) is similar in performance to the RF Footlocker, offering increased mobility and portability. Click here to learn more.


Test Stand (dipoles)

Antenna stands with interchangeable dipoles between 60-500MHz. Click here to learn more.



The RFXC-400 is an extremely compact and lightweight wideband source, originally developed for counter-UAS/UAV/drone applications in a footprint that could also be UAV/UAS-deployable. Click here to learn more.

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