Your Partners in Threat Disruption and Vulnerability Testing

Since 1998, Applied Physical Electronics, L.C. (APELC) has led the scientific research and development of electromagnetic pulsed power interference and compatibility products. We work alongside defense, test and evaluation (T&E) and commercial industries to recreate accurate threat-level waveforms for disrupting and disabling evolving threats before they occur, as well as testing systems for vulnerabilities.

APELC made a name for itself early on with the development of compact, deployable Marx Generators. Since then, our designers continue to produce the most accurate waveform and output pulses with ultrafast rise-times, moderate pulse-widths, and amplitudes ranging from kilovolts to megavolts.

We specialize in partnering with our customers to develop the most advanced and reliable seamless waveform and pulse solutions that resist threats. Our products include:

  • Advanced high-power electronics for the defense industry
  • EMP simulator technology that meets MIL-STD requirements for EMI/EMC testing communities
  • Systems that identify weaknesses during T&E for commercial industries

Working with APELC

The Process Strengthens the Solution

Using a collaborative approach, APELC is transparent with clients about our custom source blueprints, problem-solving models, and adaptability. Our team works alongside yours to provide the highest quality output with the most advanced features and usability.

We believe the end product is considerably strengthened with customer interaction. We work closely with our customers to address their evolving needs and timelines. By including our clients in the design and development effort, we build trust through listening, feedback, and active participation, all while ensuring the best end product possible that performs to mission intent.

Using this unique process methodology, we provide a versatile array of exclusive, high-quality solutions for each client in the test and evaluation (T&E) and warfighting communities.

Over the course of 20 years, APELC has developed lines of pulse power products that together have:

  • High quality waveforms
  • Ultrafast rise-times
  • Bandwidths from 10 kHz to 3 GHz
  • Pulse durations from nanoseconds to microseconds
  • Electric field levels extending well into the hundreds of kV/m

APELC’s Engineering Process

Closed-Loop Development

APELC is a full-service, in-house company, performing every step of design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing with our own people and resources. Our development process leverages our multi-disciplined engineering team, advanced CNC machine shop, and high-speed diagnostic test range, to quickly flow a prototype through design, fabrication, testing, and final product. Since none of these steps are outsourced, APELC can rapidly mature technologies and quickly adapt to our customer needs.

Additionally, our scalable engineering approach takes into consideration each customer’s budget and timeline. With APELC, you receive a high-quality product without breaking the bank.


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