Service and Support

Ensuring Customer Success

Our mission at APELC is to ensure your ultimate success. We achieve this goal through an environment of superior service and support, paired with a culture of partnership and collaboration with our customers, always maintaining a focused commitment to the highest standards of quality and American ingenuity.

Some standards require lengthy high-level research and development. Others call for R&D inherent in integrations. In both scenarios, our pulsed power experts are available to collaborate with you and design the solution that seamlessly meets your requirements.

After your solution is integrated and live, we remain available to provide service and support, addressing any issues immediately. We also support your team with field testing expertise, machining, or CAD/CAM programming.

Working with APELC

Agile Customer Response

A privately-held and independently-operated company, APELC has some of the highest customer service and involvement in our industry. We pride ourselves on meeting customer requirements and standards, and when problems arise, our team’s agility allows us to respond and resolve issues quickly.

Requesting Assistance with APELC Products

Whether you have a question or an issue needing immediate attention, APELC is standing by to offer the highest quality, dedicated pulsed power equipment servicing and repair.

We aim to go above and beyond to support your use of our products, from service phone calls and discussion directly with our pulse power experts, to onsite service and support. We also extend our service and support to our customers’ legacy systems within our expertise.

Requesting Assistance in the Field

As the equipment designers, APELC’s team of accomplished professionals are available to offer first-hand advice on testing, trouble-shooting, and characterizing our systems in even the most challenging remote environments.

Utilizing our mobile test range and high-speed diagnostics support trailer, APELC range technicians and engineers are available to field test your custom directed-energy sources and high-power electronics across air, land, and sea, based on your unique requirements.

Field Requirements and Furnishings

Test range services typically include subjecting customer-furnished and customer-operated equipment to intense pulsed electric fields at various magnitudes and polarizations.

APELC commonly furnishes:

  • Dielectric equipment fixturing
  • Island power
  • Pulse diagnostics

At the Drawing Board of R&D

Your R&D Expert For Pulsed Power

APELC is continually innovating to stay ahead of the pulse power trends and emerging threats. When our customers seek a new solution, we become a trusted R&D partner. From the drawing board through design to prototype and testing, we collaborate to ensure the final product fits the goals of your mission.

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