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High-Voltage Coaxial Connectors, Assembly, and Testing


APELC sells, assembles, and tests multiple sizes and styles of coaxial high-voltage quick disconnect cable connectors for voltages up to 700 kV. Exceptionally rugged and precision machined, our high-voltage quick disconnects are designed to address and meet customers’ very specific requirements while easing management of bulky, heavy duty, high-voltage cables. High-voltage quick disconnects are a standard with APELC Marx Generators and other high-voltage equipment.

Connector Features:

  • Nickel plated brass or aluminum construction
  • Quick disconnect/connect with independent electrical and mechanical connections
  • Integrated strain relief
  • High conductivity canted spring contacts for ground and center conductor
  • Safety options
  • High visibility connection indication ring
  • Integrated locking set screw

Assembly & Testing

In addition to supplying custom connectors, APELC provides full assembly and testing, even with connectors from other suppliers, to ensure customers receive a high-quality product that meets exacting requirements. We can:

  • Terminate the cable to your specifications and applications
  • Terminate cables with connectors from another supplier
  • Acquire the cable or work with one supplied by the customer
  • Provide testing services that include, but are not limited to:
    – High precision length cutting and measurement, within 1 ns of the specified electrical length
    – Hi-pot testing currently up to +80 kV DC
    – Vacuum seal testing for the receptacle side
    – Custom receptacle designs
    – Full testing reporting

Follow our ISO-9001:2015 cable assembly and testing process, step-by-step.

APELC Connectors

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RG-213/214 40 KV 50 OHMS .405 Inch Charge and Trigger
DS 2214 75 KV 46 OHMS .650 Inch Charge and pulse output
DS 2042 230 KV 46 OHMS 1.225 Inch Pulse output
DS 2134 200 KV 68 OHMS .850 Inch Pulse output
DS 2158* 250 KV 41 OHMS 1.52 Inch Pulse output
DS 2245 25 KV 12.5 OHMS .620 Inch Trigger and pulse output
DS 2077** 300 KV 70 OHMS 1.5 Inch Pulse output
RG 220 100 KV 50 OHMS 1.120 Inch Charge and pulse output
RG 217 50 KV 50 OHMS 0.545 Inch Pulse delivery and high voltage charging
DS 2121 150 KV 50 OHMS 0.625 Inch Pulse delivery and high voltage charging

*DS 2158 cable discontinued from manufacturer. **DS 2077-1 option available


For information on the right connector solutions for your application, contact us today.

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