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Part Number: MG10-1C-2700PF

Designed primarily as a high-voltage trigger unit, the APELC MG10-1C-2700PF is an ultra-compact 10-stage generator that has been demonstrated for high-power RF and ultra-wide band radiation. This generator is characterized by a few-ns rise-time and GW peak power levels due to its low inductance design. The MG10-1C-2700PF is capable of delivering 150 kV into a matched load, or as much as 300 kV into an open circuit.


The MG10-1C-2700PF is designed to deliver 12 J per pulse and has an impedance of approximately 15 Ohm, giving a maximum peak power of approximately 1.5 GW.

  • 300 kV open-circuit output voltage
  • 3 – 4 ns rise time
  • Requires only pressurized air, a high-voltage power supply, and a suitable trigger source
  • 1.5 GW peak power to matched load


The following items are included with the MG10-1C-2700PF:

  • Marx Generator
  • High-voltage cable with quick connect
  • High-voltage power supply cable with quick connect
  • High-voltage trigger cable with quick connect
  • Two additional stages

The following items are required for proper implementation of the MG10-1C-2700PF:

  • High-voltage power supply
  • High-voltage trigger unit
  • Pressurized breathable dry air source
Parameter Description Value Unit
N Number of Marx Generator stages 10
Epulse Maximum Marx energy per pulse 12 J
Pmax Peak power to a matched load 1.5 GW
Vch Marx maximum charge voltage 30 kV
VE Peak Erected voltage 300 kV
Cstage Capacitance per Marx stage 2700 pF
CE Erected capacitance 270 pF
Le Series Inductance 500 nH
Zm Marx Impedance 45 Ohm
L Marx Generator Length 21 In.
D Marx Generator Diameter 5 In.
PRFmax Maximum Burst-Mode PRF 100 Hz


APELC’s selection of add-on features for high-voltage components are designed to increase safety and usability.


Rugged high-voltage quick disconnect cable connectors for voltages up to 700 kV.


Integrated high-speed current diagnostics in high-voltage quick disconnects.


Software to increase user safety and reduce time spent in testing.


Termination and monitoring capability for a high-voltage, high-power pulse without radiating equipment.


Providing the trigger pulse to a Marx Generator through a pulse forming circuit.


Fully integrated power and control units to deliver a turnkey package for our pulsed power systems.


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