Pulsed Power Applications


APELC designs, produces, and delivers end-to-end pulsed power applications featuring sub-nanosecond and nanosecond speed high-voltage impulses, and reliable performance characteristics, including accurate waveforms.

We support defense (MIL-STD and IEC 61000-4) and commercial testing communities with missions to disrupt or disable electronic systems, as well as test their own vulnerabilities. Through our high-power RF and pulsed power testing product lines, these communities protect their assets against dangerous emerging threats.

Pulsed Power Solutions

APELC offers tailored and COTS pulsed power solutions for the threats associated with high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP), ultra-wideband (UWB), wideband, and high-power microwave (HPM), including such tailored source characteristics as:

  • Pulse shape
  • Impedance for specific loads
  • Compact pulsed power
  • Large-scale pulsed power
  • Stand-alone trigger generators
  • Fast rise-time
  • Time jitter
  • High-voltage
  • High-power

Pulsed Power Applications

APELC’s line of Marx Generators and high-voltage pulse generators support:

  • Direct generation of RF
  • Direct Injection testing
  • Flash X-ray
  • High-power microwave

High-Power RF Interference Technology

APELC develops specialized high-powered RF technology for disruptor applications and organizations testing their own vulnerabilities. Our portable high-power sources and EMP simulators for wideband and HEMP offer the ability to create extremely high-peak electric fields in relatively small footprints, using long run-time batteries and customized variations.

EMI/EMC Testing Technology

APELC’s line of intentional EMI/EMC test equipment and support products provide reliable solutions to complex problems. Each system features items not found elsewhere, such as: Accurate replication of threat-level waveforms, compact and portable packaging, and short set-up time. Used to develop new products with structural integrity or to change the outcome of potential threats, this line of products offers much more than the minimum MIL-STD requirements.

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