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We understand that the title of this blog may be a little bold, but outsourcing specialized work to a trusted US company, as opposed to sending it overseas, has many advantages. APELC is first and foremost a pulsed power company. Therefore, we have already spent the time, resources, and non-recoverable engineering (NRE) hours to build up that capacity. More succinctly put- we have already made the investment, so why should you have to in order to get a dependable pulsed power system or component? Here are 5 reasons we think it makes sense to have us take care of your pulsed power design and/or manufacturing need instead of doing it in-house:

  • We’re cheaper in the long run (as opposed to trying to do it in house): As mentioned above, we’ve already invested the time in the design and manufacturing capabilities, so when you come to us, you’re only paying for the time it takes for us to make it, or if need be, design and make it. No need to bring in the costly hours of your HR or principle decision makers to hire new talent.
  • The “Great Resignation”: In this bizarre time, existing workforces are getting stretched thin with people not going back to work due to the pandemic. However, our industry demand is increasing. Make the most of the workforce you have and let us take up the slack.
  • Timeliness: With rampant supply chain issues, doesn’t it make sense to reduce some risk? APELC does all of our manufacturing in-house and we always “buy American” when it comes to raw materials. ( That means we have the maximum amount of control over our manufacturing timeline. Also, we are small enough to be agile, but just large enough to get the job done in a timely manner.
  • Specialization: Instead of trying to do it all, we’ve spent the last 23 years focused on being the best at pulsed power we can be. With 100+ years of combined pulsed power experience between our engineering staff, we feel like we can comfortably say that we excel in this field. Let us bring that excellence to your endeavor by trusting us to build your next pulsed power system.
  • Quality: One other investment we’ve already made is in an ISO-9001:2015 certified manufacturing center. ( With 9 CNC machines, an incredibly experienced machinist staff, and rigid quality management system, we can reduce your risk and ensure our part in your system is going to be the one thing you don’t have to worry about. Also, if you do have a solid pulsed power engineering staff and just need a manufacturing partner that understands what they’re building for you (and knows how to test it), we’re more than happy to accept build-to-print work! Regardless of whether we are doing the design work or our customer is, we always work to involve the customer in the process to ensure both quality and success in the final deliverable.

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