MIL-STD 464 & High-Power RF

RF Test Stand (Dipoles)

Part Number: RFTS-DP-X

APELC’s RFTS-DP-X antenna test stand is designed for a wide variety of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and effects testing. A typical system includes a Marx Generator such as the MG15-3C-940PF, a wideband antenna and a stand. Some systems also may include a power and control rack.

The test stand is constructed of heavy duty structural fiberglass, making it ideal for RF testing. With a vertical height adjustment up to 10ft, 360 deg polarization adjustment every 45 deg, and azimuth angle range adjustment of ± 15 deg, the system is well-suited for nearly any configuration. Large 6” pneumatic casters allow for easy maneuvering over uneven surfaces.

Available in the following three grades of structural fiberglass:

  1. Standard grade for indoor, polyester resin. Color: Olive Green
  2. UV grade for indoor/outdoor, polyester resin with UV inhibitor. Color: Navy Gray
  3. UV and fire-retardant grade for outdoor/outdoor, vinyl ester resin with UV inhibitor and superior moisture and corrosion resistance. Color: Beige

APELC offers the following five interchangeable standard dipole antennas:

  • 60 MHz: DP60-S-WST
  • 100 MHz: DP100-S-WST
  • 250 MHz: DP250-S-WST
  • 400 MHz: DP400-S-WST
  • 500 MHz: DP500-S-WST

Antennas with center frequency of 250 MHz and above are compatible with the RFTS-DP-X antenna test stand and are quickly and easily interchangeable. Dipole antennas with center frequency below 250 MHz require a larger stand. Other frequencies are available upon request.

The system includes a stand with the appropriate rack system, including Marx Generator, power supply, trigger unit, and air management unit for a complete turn-key, rugged, portable effects-testing source, ideal for MIL-STD 464C testing.


  • Repetition rates from single shot to 100 Hz (burst mode)
  • Frequency coverage of 60 – 500 MHz via modular, interchangeable wideband antennas (much wider with 3dB bandwidth of each antenna)
  • Variable polarization
  • Height adjustment up to 10 ft
  • Easily moved
  • Quickly interchanged antennas for frequency agility


The following items are included with the Test Stand (Dipoles):

  • Portable Fiberglass Test Stand
  • Wideband antenna(s) defined at time of purchase (e.g., RFTS-DP-400, RFTS-DP-250, etc.)
  • MG15-3C-940PF Marx Generator
  • High voltage charge cable with quick connections
  • High voltage trigger cable with quick connections
  • Air lines
  • Coaxial quick disconnect output cable for fast interchange of antennas
  • Resistive dummy load with Current Viewing Resistor (CVR)
  • Power and control rack: High-voltage power supply, trigger generator, air management panel, delay generator, and interlock/emergency-stop panel
  • 2 replacement stages for the MG15-3C-940PF
  • In-line charge resistor

The following item is required for proper implementation of the Test Stand (Dipoles):

  • Source of compressed, dry breathing-grade air
  • Either 120 VAC 20 Amp service or 220 VAC service, depending on power supply option


APELC’s selection of add-on features for high-voltage components are designed to increase safety and usability.


Rugged high-voltage quick disconnect cable connectors for voltages up to 700 kV.


Integrated high-speed current diagnostics in high-voltage quick disconnects.


Software to increase user safety and reduce time spent in testing.


Termination and monitoring capability for a high-voltage, high-power pulse without radiating equipment.


Providing the trigger pulse to a Marx Generator through a pulse forming circuit.


Fully integrated power and control units to deliver a turnkey package for our pulsed power systems.


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