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We are making a slight departure from our usual tech-focused blog entries to focus on an important upcoming event (with a bit of tech still mixed in). APELC’s very own Matt Lara was invited to be the Exhibit and Sponsor Co-Chair for the International Conference on Plasma Science (ICOPS) coming up the May 21st to 25th in Santa Fe, NM.

This year will be the 50th anniversary of ICOPS, and as such, this year’s conference promises be a fantastic event showcasing the latest research in plasma science. This is an incredibly broad-ranging topic that includes high-power microwaves (HPM), fusion energy, low-temperature plasmas and many other subjects. A complete list of the topics areas for the conference is attached below.

So how does this tie into pulsed power? Plasma is typically an ionized gas. The energy required to create this ionization is most often a high-voltage, and in applications involving extremely fast bursts of energy to form or modulate a plasma, the source is pulsed power. Some recent applications for this come in many of the recent announcements regarding fusion energy- as we mentioned a couple of blogs ago, plasma is at the heart of most all fusion energy systems:

APELC has supported many aspects of plasma research from Marx generators for triggering large pulsed power systems at national labs to Marx generator systems for sourcing HPM systems

If you’re interested in this subject, or are a company that supports this research, we highly recommend you consider involvement in this conference. Feel free to contact if you would like more information.

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