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2023 Year in Review

LANL contract

APELC took a major step ahead in 2023 from being an R&D-oriented pulse power firm, to a full production manufacturer. Thanks in large part to the NNSA’s Scorpius program (read more here in this article from IEEE Spectrum), APELC secured contracts with both Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories to manufacture up to 19,000 of our quick-disconnect connectors over the next 2 years, at a rate of up to 200 units per week.


Figure 1 APELC QDM-RG217-V.2 and QDF-RG217-V.2 Quick Disconnect connectors

To support this manufacturing effort, APELC increased our manufacturing capability through the addition of two new machinist personnel, a new production manager, and two new Haas™ CNC machines, giving us the ability to meet both stringent quality standards, along with the high-volume throughput required for these orders.


Figure 2 New CNC Machine installation at APELC

In addition to the large connector contracts, APELC secured a contract with the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD). Under this agreement, APELC will refurbish and replace the pulsed power components of the Naval Ordnance Transient Electromagnetic Simulator (NOTES). This project will continue APELC’s history of expertise in the field of High-altitude Nuclear EMP (HEMP) survivability test equipment, similar to our 2m EUT RS-105 system shown below.


Figure 3 APELC 2m EUT RS-105 HEMP Test System


2024 Look-ahead

Along with continuing the efforts mentioned above, APELC is looking forward to a vibrant 2024 filled with growth in both our personnel and our capabilities. A few examples of the products and capabilities we are working to add in 2024 are listed below:

  • 50-100kV low-jitter (<10ns) trigger generators
  • Turn-key Flash X-Ray systems
  • Additional HEMP test systems for larger EUTs
  • Online ordering for our quick-disconnect connectors
  • Spark gaps for large pulsed power systems (triggered and self-break)

If you would like to learn more about these developments, please contact us at

APELC is also continuing to grown our amazing team of engineers, machinists and technicians in 2024. We are presently looking for a power electronics and controls electrical engineer among other positions. If you would like to learn more or apply, you can find the job descriptions here.

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