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Austin, Texas – January 8, 2024 – APELC, a leader in high-voltage and pulsed power solutions, announces a significant contract with Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) to produce up to 19,000 connectors over the next three fiscal years. APELC’s state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities allow for the production of over 200 connectors per week, differentiating them in the pulsed power industry.

The collaboration between APELC and LANL originated from discussions about a pulsed power requirement for the Advanced Sources and Detectors (ASD; nicknamed Scorpius) project.

APELC’s connectors address multiple challenges faced by LANL, including fool-proof connectivity verification in underground facilities with limited access, ease of installation in confined environments, and the elimination of potential connector integrity issues. These connectors ensure high-reliability for both mechanical and electrical aspects, optimizing performance in demanding systems.

“We are thrilled to secure this contract with Los Alamos National Laboratory,” said Jon Mayes, APELC CEO. We are confident that our connectors will effectively support the Scorpius project and look forward to continuing our partnership with LANL.”

APELC’s connectors are not limited to LANL’s application alone. They find relevance in a range of industries, including Particle Accelerator Labs, the Communications Industry, Aerospace, and Defense. Aircraft and aerospace systems can benefit from the high-reliability, easily connected/disconnected contacts offered by APELC QD connectors. These connectors provide convenient service and maintenance options for installations requiring high-voltage and/or high-current coaxial cable connections, further enhancing ease of use and operational efficiency.

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